Secures your credit cards aw well as your cash!

Here at Dreamkeeper Reels, we have designed a money clip that is hacker proof, lightweight and is exclusive in it’s design and protection. This aluminum money clip will hold on to your credit cards and cash, with easy access, with a slip in or out, our solid built in spring ensures your valuables are both secure and available.

Some of use may have heard how hackers are now able to take advantage of wireless technology and are able to catch credit card numbers and information wirelessly. There are hackers who are able to steal our credit card and identification information on the go! When we designed the custom Dreamkeeper money clip (which also can be worn as a pin), we knew our choice metal had to be aluminum;¬†not only because it’s lightweight but it defeats wireless signals!

Aluminum serves as a natural protective force field for wireless activity. With your credit cards securely clipped to the Dreamkeeper money clip, your RFID credit cards are secure and safe!

This aluminum money clip and lapel coat pin was designed with precision and all parts are custom made to secure your money and/or credit cards with maximum wireless security. Hackers cannot penetrate aluminum and whether you buy our small or large model, your credit cards are protected!!

When we designed his latest gift, the money clip lapel pin and pocket toy, we chose aluminum for the protection it offered against credit card thieves and hackers. Our money clips are anodized in an exciting eight colors and each clip is built by hand at the California plant.

Fishermen far and wide search for this money clip, with an easy flick of the handle, any experienced fisherman knows how to reel in the money and the fish or catch and release. Just like you were on the river fishing, this aluminum money clip clicks as you spin the reel.