Dreamkeeper Reel worn as a lapel pin with the magnetic lapel clip.

Dreamkeeper was started in 1988 by James Reidy. Mr. Reidy designed a perfect replica of a shopping cart. They all stacked together like their larger brothers. The carts were designed for kitchens, offices and to hold all the homeless stuff that belongs to you in your house. Those who purchased Dreamkeeper carts soon realized the quality of the product.

Dreamkeeper Carts

Dreamkeeper Carts

Dreamkeeper carts were made in America and imitation, of course, of is the highest form of flattery. There are some countries that don’t care about copyright laws, so the product was knocked off by cheap imitations. Dreamkeeper continued to make and sell the product until 2002. At that time James Reidy stopped selling to stores and companies and moved on to other projects. There is a rumor that they may return next spring. Because of the 17,000 carts in Dreamkeeper’s warehouse in Sun Valley CA. (Scroll below to see some pictures of the Dreamkeeper Cart).

The money clip project started around 2005. After designing the product, Mr. Reidy applied and received a patent for the product. Soon after, the money clip moved into production and final touches. This product is made in America and will be made here as long as it is not knocked off.

Should that happen, Dreamkeeper has developed our knock off in another country. It will the finest knock off in the world of our own product.

We hope you like this new Dreamkeeper Reel money clip.

— Some pictures of the Dreamkeeper Cart —